San Gorgonio Pass

The San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance (Alliance) is a coordination of 13 regional water providers and local governments located in the San Gorgonio Pass region.

The goals of the San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance:
To improve coordination, collaboration and communication among local, state and federal governments and water purveyors and other water resource stakeholders in the San Gorgonio Pass region to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering water supplies.

To develop and promote common water strategies that will, when implemented, fulfill the water demands of the regional area for the future.

History of the Alliance
On November 6, 2012, by action of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors upon recommendation by Fifth District Supervisor Marion Ashley, a Pass Water Policy Panel, comprised of representatives of the San Gorgonio Pass Area, was created to identify challenges in water supply and water quality in the region.

The group was charged “to develop mutually beneficial solutions that include coordinating plans and infrastructure development that ultimately delivers clean, reliable and affordable water supplies for the citizens of the San Gorgonio Pass for the foreseeable future.”

Over the following months, representatives from the participating agencies were appointed and monthly meetings were established. The name of the group was determined to be the San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance. A Memorandum of Understanding was developed and signed by the member agencies in March 2014. Several committees were formed: administrative and technical. The Technical Committee created three sub-committees – Messaging, Recycled Water and Water Conservation.

Monthly meetings include presentations on local, regional and state water issues, committee reports and individual agency presentations and updates. Topics have included California Water Plan Update, Integrated Regional Water Management Plans, Urban Water Management Plans, water conservation programs, 2014 water bond, storm water resources, salinity management, State Water Project, and drought conditions presented by a representative of the California Department of Water Resources.

The Alliance meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the City of Banning at 5 p.m.  The public is invited to attend all meetings.

San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance Agency Representatives

Debbie Franklin, Chair
Mayor, City of Banning

Larry Ellis
Member, Board of Directors, Banning Heights Mutual Water Company

Art Vela
Chair, Beaumont Basin Watermaster

Daniel Slawson
Member Board of Directors, Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District

Maxine Israel
Member, Board of Directors, Cabazon Water District

Jeff Hewitt
Member, City Council, City of Calimesa

Ernest Wright
Member, Board of Directors, High Valley Water District

Russ Martin
Member, Board of Directors, Mission Springs Water District

James Siva
Member, Tribal Council, Morongo Band of Mission Indians

Phil Rosentrater
Riverside County EDA

David Castaldo
 San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency

George Jorritsma
President, Board of Directors, South Mesa Water Company

Tom Shalhoub
Member, Board of Directors, Yucaipa Valley Water District

Signatories to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to date:
City of Banning
Banning Heights Mutual Water Company
City of Beaumont
Beaumont Basin Watermaster
Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District
Cabazon Water District
City of Calimesa
County of Riverside
High Valleys Water District
Mission Springs Water District
Morongo Band of Mission Indians
San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency
South Mesa Mutual Water Company
Yucaipa Valley Water District

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