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San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance (SGPRWA)


The San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance (Alliance) is a coordination of 13 regional water providers and local governments located in the San Gorgonio Pass region.

The goals of the San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance:

• To improve coordination, collaboration and communication among local, state and federal governments and water purveyors and other water resource stakeholders in the San Gorgonio Pass region to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering water supplies.

•To develop and promote common water strategies that will, when implemented, fulfill the water demands of the regional area for the future

Upcoming Alliance Meetings

Monthly Meeting

If you are interested in the Agenda or participation information for upcoming meetings, please visit our Meetings Page.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance Email Distribution List to be notified about meetings, important notifications, etc.

*Meetings are suspended during the months of November and December.

Click here to view presentation on Chromium 6 given by Art Vela, Acting Public Works Director, City of Banning at the August 2015 Alliance Meeting

Presentation on California Water Fix by Jeff Davis, General Manager, San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, at March 23, 2016 Alliance Meeting

Water Conservation Regulations – June 1, 2016 through January 2017

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